About Us

We are a brand which has been born into mother
nature. It’s time to create a new feeling.

After looking at alternatives

Our journey began in 2017

We are a team of two people based in Brussels, Belgium. We started by writing a blog about anti snoring solutions and then we developed our own brand Solutions. Given the success of our products, it was obvious to create an e-shop with our brand and to extend it to new products. At the same time, we created the Smimouboutik brand to sell items that we manufacture locally while traveling in Africa and Asia.

A perfect fit for your every day life

Designed to be versatile

The products you find on our e-shop are aimed at improving your quality of life. We offer a wide range of anti-snoring products to enable everyone to find an effective product. You will see anti-grinding mouth guards and ear plugs to prevent damage to your ears during a concert, DJ set, etc. Finally, we believe that Indian wisdom can benefit everyone and so we have created a Chakra-based jewelry line to rebalance energy in our body and overcome stress.

Simplicity in design and form

We’re just getting started

We’re just getting started with products that look well designed and are easy to use. Our offer includes a dozen of lifestyle and jewelry products. This is just a start and we will offer you many more useful and beautiful products in the coming months.